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Frequently asked questions

Booking tickets online

Q: How can I buy tickets and choose a film?

A: It is easy to buy tickets online. After payment you will receive your tickets by email. Please note: your e-tickets will be sent from the address noreply@oneplanet.nl with Museon-Omniversum as sender. Please check the date and time on the ticket and have your ticket ready for inspection.
When you are at Museon-Omniversum you can choose one of the films (based on availability). A film plays every hour.

Q: What are the online payment options?

A: Online tickets can be paid with iDEAL, Mastercard and Visa.

Q: How can I pay in the café, the shop and the film theatre?

A: Museon-Omniversum is PIN ONLY. We no longer accept cash, including the shops and cafes.

Q: Can I redeem free tickets, vouchers and coupons online?

A: It is possible to redeem most discounts, free tickets, vouchers and coupons online.
Are you in possession of a Ooievaarspas, Rotterdampas or Museumkaart? Or are you a friend of Museon-Omniversum? Then choose a 0 Euro ticket and make the reservation. Show the reservation together with the original discount card at the cash desk.
The Vriendenloterij VIP pass gives free access during the day and for most evening shows. Look at the specific event if it is free or not for VIP-card holders. Let the VIP-card be scanned at the box-office for free entrance.

Q: Is the Museumkaart also valid at Museon-Omniversum?

A: Yes, the museum card is valid at Museon-Omniversum. For the films this only applies during daytime opening hours of the museum (until 17:00 h).

Q: Can I visit Museon-Omniversum with a theatre or cinema voucher?

A: No, Museon-Omniversum does not accept theatre or cinema vouchers.

Q: What should I do if I have not received my tickets or have lost them?

A: If you have not received an email after purchasing, please contact us during opening hours on 070- 3381 338. Tip: also check your spam box/unwanted email. Have you created your own account with us? Then you can also use this account to retrieve your tickets.

Q: How can I buy a ticket for a wheelchair place?

A: Wheelchair or disabled seats can be reserved by email at info@museon-omniversum.nl or by phone at 070- 3381 338 (Mon-Fri between 09.30 and 17.00 and at weekends from 10.00). The seats are suitable for wheelchairs with a maximum width of 850 mm.

Q: How do I show my e-ticket?

A: You show the e-ticket with QR code on your smartphone or in printed version at the counter. There it will be scanned. If you have a discount card, please show it too (This only necessary when you have a ticket, with no QR code on it). Museon-Omniversum always reserves the right to request additional proof of identity in order to verify your details.

Q: What should I do if I do not have a smartphone to show my e-ticket?

A: It is also possible to print out your e-ticket. Do this at home, as Museon-Omniversum does not offer this option. The printed e-ticket will be scanned at the ticket office (at the entrance of the museum building or of the film theatre).
Alternatively, you can also provide the transaction code. This is printed in bold in the mail, on the e-ticket or in the description of your bank statement.

Q: Can I buy the Museumkaart at Museon-Omniversum?

A: Yes, this is possible. A card costs € 64.90 for adults and € 32.45 for children and young people up to 18 years old (including € 4.95 one-off administration costs). From October 2nd, 2023 this is € 75 for adults and € 39 for children up to 18 years.)
You will then receive a temporary card that is valid immediately. You must register the temporary card at www.museumkaart.nl/registreren.aspx within 31 days. For more information, please visit www.museumkaart.nl.


Q: Is the museum and the cinema wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes, Museon-Omniversum is easily accessible for visitors with a wheelchair. Please use the main entrances on Stadhouderslaan (museum) and President Kennedylaan (Dome). If you want to move from one building to the other with a wheelchair, please use the route along the street, as there are stairs on the path through the garden of Museon-Omniversum/Kunstmuseum.

Always reserve your wheelchair space in the cinema in advance via info@museon-omniversum.nl and indicate whether you are coming with a wheelchair and a free companion.
At Museon-Omniversum there are two wheelchairs available (free of charge). These can be reserved via info@museon-omniversum.nl.
Please note that the seats in our filmtheatre are suitable for wheelchairs with a maximum width of 850 mm.
In the car park at the entrance of Omniversum, there are two parking spaces for people with disabilities. They cannot be reserved.

Q: Can I bring a support person with me?

A: If you need guidance when visiting One Planet due to a disability, a companion or support person may come along for free. Please indicate this in advance when booking via info@museon-omniversum.nl.

Q: Can my dog come along to the Museon-Omniversum?

A: A certified assistance dog is allowed to visit the Museon-Omniversum. Other animals are not allowed.

Q: Are there any disabled parking spaces in the vicinity?

A: In the car park at the entrance of Omniversum, there are two parking spaces for disabled people, perfect for when you go to a film in Omniversum on your own. They cannot be reserved.

Q: I cannot come after all, can I return my ticket?

A: It is not possible to get a refund if you cannot come after all. However, it is possible to change the tickets to another day.
Do you decide that you want to see a different movie from the one you booked? Then you can change it at our box offices (if available).


Q: Does Museon-Omniversum have its own car park?

A: No, Museon-Omniversum does not have its own parking. However, there is a paid public car park between Museon and Omniversum.

You can park on the street around Museon-Omniversum. This is free until 13.00 hrs and after that € 2,50 per hour. Parking is also possible here:

  • The Hague Marriott Hotel car park (located next to Omniversum) € 7.00 per day*.
  • World Forum Parking garage A (within walking distance of the Museon and Omniversum) € 7.50 per day*.

* To use this rate you must purchase an exit ticket at the ticket office of Museon-Omniversum (subject to availability).

More information can be found on the page Route and Parking.

Films in the filmtheatre

Q: How long do certain films remain in the programming?

A: The films are programmed one month in advance. You can view the programming on the homepage via the film agenda. Until when a film remains in our programme is decided on a monthly basis.

Q: How long are screenings and are there breaks in the films?

A: Our films are not interrupted by an interval. The films last about 45 minutes. The exact length of a film is indicated on the relevant film page.

Q: Are the films subtitled in Dutch?

A: The widescreen films are almost always subtitled in Dutch. Using the Mobile Connect app for your smartphone and your own headset, you can also watch the film in English. Please bring your own headset, as these are not available at Museon-Omniversum.

The evening screenings of Omniversum Cinema films (regular cinema format) are usually subtitled in Dutch.

Q: What is Omniversum Cinema?

A: These are the evening screenings of films (cinema format) in the film theatre. More information will be available shortly.

Other questions

Q: I have lost something. Has it been found?

A: Lost or forgotten something? Mail us via info@museon-omniversum.nl. We will then check for you whether the item has been found. If so, we will make an appointment to collect the item.

Q: Does Museon-Omniversum have a cloakroom and lockers?

A: Yes, we have an unguarded cloakroom. For valuables we have lockers in different sizes. This applies to the Museon location on Stadhouderslaan.

Q: May I take photos in the Museon-Omniversum?

A: Yes, you may. Only without flash (in connection with the preservation of the collection). During film screenings, photography and filming are not permitted.

Q: Do you also have treasure hunts?

A: Yes, for the exhibition One Planet we have a strippenkaart with questions that lead you through the exhibition. This is available in Dutch and English.

Q: I am planning to visit the Museon-Omniversum with my children. How long does a visit last?

A: It depends of course on what you want to do and the age of the children. A visit to the exhibitions usually lasts 1.5 to 2.5 hours. The films take about 45 minutes. If you also take part in an activity, you can expect to spend 3 to 4 hours.

Q: Is Museon-Omniversum fun for children under 4?

A: For the exhibitions, young children need more explanation from their parents or supervisors, but they usually find it very exciting and captivating.

When visiting the film theatre, parents should decide whether children can handle the films on the giant screen. The combination of an enormous picture and loud sound effects can sometimes be overwhelming for young children.

Children up to and including 3 years old pay no entrance fee, provided they sit on your lap during the film.

Q: What measures does Museon-Omniversum take against the spread of the coronavirus and what should I do as a visitor?

A: Museon-Omniversum follows the guidelines of the RIVM and the protocol of the Museum Association. At this moment, there are no special measures.